5 Best Spanish Olive Oils To Buy in The USA

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best Spanish extra virgin olive oil

Are you looking for the best Spanish extra virgin olive oil out there? Look no further. You just stumbled on the best resource for your quest.

Spanish extra virgin olive oil takes the lead over all other products imported into the United States. Research by the international olive council shows that over 75 % of US imports of extra virgin olive oil come from countries like Spain, Italy, Tunisia, Portugal, and Turkey.

In this article, we have extensively selected premium-quality Spanish extra virgin oils.

What’s The Best Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

We have what you need whether you want to try olive oil for the first time or simply want to discover something extra-special for your upcoming dinner party.  In this article, you’ll discover the top 5 selection of the Best Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oils in an affordable price range.

1. Oro Bailén Picual Reserva Familiar Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Oro Bailén Picual Reserva Familiar Extra Virgin Olive Oil (check the price on Amazon now) is a fine specimen of a Spanish Picual produced by Oro Bailén, one of the most renowned manufacturers. Season after season, they continue to receive recognition for their superior oils.

The Picual olive variety is Spain’s most widely grown variety and is the most widely planted olive variety in both hemispheres. Within 3 to 4 hours of being cut from the tree, picual are crushed and processed at extremely low temperatures.

This Early Harvest green Picual olive oil from Spain is a rich oil that bursts with delicious aromas of creamy green tea and green tomato leaf. Olive oil that is well-balanced, with a little bitter middle, a tinge of sweet almond, and a nice pepper finish. Excellent finishing oils! Great over salads, shellfish, and any fresh cheese variation.


  • Contains significant amounts of minerals, antioxidants, and vitamin E
  • Cold-pressed! No synthetic components or processes
  • numerous honors, such as the Gold Medal in the 2021 OLIVE JAPAN International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition
  • Great for dipping when having snacks
  • Carefully monitored to ensure that no meat or dairy products are used in the oil’s production

2. Garcia de la Cruz Essential Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Garcia de la Cruz Essential Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (check the price on Amazon now) has been a family business since 1872, run by Eusebio and Fernando Garcia de la Cruz, the 5th generation of farmers and growers. Today, Garca de la Cruz is an internationally renowned company with high-quality goods.

This olive oil is a well-balanced combination of Picula (70%) and Arbequina (30%) oils with medium-full flavor, natural flavors of tomato and freshly cut grass, and a peppery bite.

Using environmentally friendly agricultural methods like drip irrigation under the supervision and drip fertilizing are major priorities for them to maintain their business. All waste products from the production of olive oil are also recycled. The leftover olive skin, pit, and pulp are composted and naturally converted into organic fertilizers.


  • 100% pure extra virgin olive oil
  • Recognized by Spain as a national bird sanctuary
  • Re-use the olive pits as fuel to heat our headquarters
  • Certified with higher quality standards such as IFS and BRC, as well as Kosher, Halal, Organic
  • Organic

3. Finca La Torre Hojiblanca Organic Olive Oil

Finca La Torre Hojiblanca Organic Olive Oil (check the price on Amazon now) is an exceptionally well-balanced olive oil that hails from the region of Andalucia close to Malaga, where estate manager Victor Serrano meticulously administers the organic and biodynamic plants, producing some of the greatest olive oil every year.

Expert tasters deem its hojiblanca cultivar to be of the highest quality since it exhibits an intense fruity to freshly cut grass and olive leaves. It tends to be bitter in the mouth, with a developing and lingering spicy flavor and a distinct aftertaste of green almond, apple, and faint hints of banana peel. There is no doubt that it is a complex and balanced extra virgin that you must try.


  • Excellent for dipping bread in or drizzled over soups, grilled or raw veggies, garden salads, and toast
  • Healthy component with outstanding flavor because of the antioxidants, omega-3, and 6 fatty acids, and additional advantages
  • between 2 and 4 hours after the harvest
  • Award-winning olive oils of the finest taste and quality
  • Perfect acidity level for meats & vegetables

4. Castillo de Pinar First Cold Pressed ORG Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Castillo de Pinar First Cold Pressed ORG Extra Virgin Olive Oil (check the price on Amazon now) is the outcome of a long-standing family heritage of growing and producing olive oil.

This oil is praised for its outstanding taste and attributes and is produced by the Picual Olives from thousands of years old ancient trees. Each Picual and Arbequina Olive is manually selected from the tree, separated, and sorted in accordance with the soil and altitude quality. Only the best olives are chosen to achieve the highest quality olive oil production.

The flavor is full-bodied and warms the palate with apple, herb, and grass notes. Due to the high concentration of polyphenols, it has a slight nutty bitterness. The bottling process employs a continuous microporous system.


  • quality controls complying with HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) standards
  • without pesticides, to maintain the flavor, nutrients, and antioxidants
  • Cold press facility within 6 hours of harvest
  • the flavor of Apple, herb, grass, and a touch of nutty bitterness
  • 0.2 % acidity

5. Torres El Silencio 100 Percent Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Torres El Silencio 100 Percent Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil (check the price on Amazon now) is a genuine Mediterranean sanctuary of olive trees over 400 years old.

Mid-October through the end of November is the time when olives are harvested. These olives are hand-picked, ensuring they are in prime condition to produce high-quality oil. The olives are then transported right away from the mill to the mill.

The first taste in the mouth is sweetness, and there are also strong bitter and pungent flavors.


  • Made from Arbequina olives
  • 0.2% acidity
  • 100% EVOO
  • The aroma is fine and delicate, dominated by the notes of artichoke stems, green almond, and freshly cut grass
  • Hand-picked and cold pressed

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Spanish olive oil good quality?

    For the past two decades, Spanish olive oil producers have upheld the reputation of choosing quality over quantity, which is why Spanish olive oil is always of top quality.

  • Is Spain popular for olive oil?

    Spain is famous for olive oil and is the world’s largest exporter of extra virgin oil. They are responsible for nearly half of the world’s extra virgin oil production, producing thrice the quantity of countries like Italy.

  • What is unique about Spanish olive oils?

    Spanish olive oils are known for their ripeness, outstanding flavors, aromas, and high polyphenols contents.

  • From which olive variety are most Spain olive oils produced?

    Picual is the most prevalent olive variety cultivated in Spain. When harvested, it can serve as finishing oil to amplify the flavor of salads, soups, and grilled meats.

  • What region of Spain produces the most olive oil?

    The Andalusia region produces the most Spanish olive oil.

Final Words

We use oil in our daily life for numerous purposes. The quality of oil you choose plays a significant role in enhancing your health, taste, and the appearance of your meal.

There are countless well-flavored and high-quality extra virgin olive oils produced in Spain. However, with the list provided in this piece, you should be able to select the right extra virgin olive oil that serves your appetite.

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