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  • Gaea Fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil


    Gaea Fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a medium-intensity Choraitiki variety, is a culinary masterpiece with less than 0.4% acidity. It boasts a unique profile of strong fruity aromas, nuanced by notes of artichoke and freshly mown grass. Its high polyphenol level delivers a pungent yet smooth flavor, ideal for enhancing any dish with its fresh, vibrant taste.

  • Iliada Extra Virgin Olive Oil (3L)


    Iliada Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a world-renowned, 3-liter pack olive oil with a Protected Designation of Origin, is a culinary gem. Made from green Koroneiki olives from Messenia, Greece, it is 100% traceable, monovarietal, and cold-pressed within 24 hours of harvesting. This balanced, multi-purpose oil is rich in polyphenols, offering a healthy and flavorful addition to any dish.

  • Kosterina Extra Virgin Olive Oil Premium


    Kosterina Original Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a testament to the power of nature, embodying a bold, robust flavor enriched with antioxidants. Sourced from 100% Koroneiki olives, this high-polyphenol EVOO is cold-pressed in southern Greece, ensuring a fresh, peppery finish. It’s not just an olive oil; it’s a superfood, promoting health and well-being with every use.

  • Liokareas Premium Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil


    Liokareas Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a culmination of five generations of expertise, offers a premium, award-winning Greek EVOO experience. Certified USDA Organic, Kosher, and Non-GMO, this single-sourced, first-pressed oil is harvested from ripe Koroneiki olives. Its versatile, everyday use brings a classic Greek olive fruitiness with a smooth peppery finish to any dish.

  • Terra Creta Extra Virgin Olive Oil (3L)


    Terra Creta Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a multi-award winner from Kolymvari, Crete, offers a unique taste of the Koroneiki variety. With a rich, fruity aroma and a peppery flavor, it’s ideal for enhancing salads, meat, fish, and vegetables. Enjoy its balance and complexity, whether used in cooking, frying, or as a raw dressing.

  • Threpsi Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil


    Threpsi Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a gluten-free delight from the Messinia region of Greece, is crafted purely from Koroneiki olives. Certified organic and truly extra virgin, it boasts an oleic acid content of just 0.26%, well below the 0.80% threshold. Extracted cold for maximum nutrition, it’s ideal for health-conscious gourmets.