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  • Moresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil Balanced Flavor


    Moresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil, sourced from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, provides a well-balanced flavor profile, perfect for various culinary uses. This award-winning olive oil, produced with CHO’s expertise in agriculture and milling, is celebrated for its quality and taste.

  • Moroccan Olive Grove Bold & Dynamic Olive Oil Pack


    The Moroccan Olive Grove Premium Desert Extra Virgin Olive Oil offers a bold, dynamic flavor profile, sourced from a single-origin farm at the foot of the Atlas Mountains near Marrakech. This oil, current crop and cold-pressed within hours of harvest, brings a unique blend of green tomato and artichoke flavors, enriched with subtle notes of bitterness and spice.

  • Oleum Viride Extra Virgin Olive Oil (500ml)


    Sourced from traditional mountain olive groves in a Spanish Natural Park, this organic oil is a product of small-scale, family-owned production. Unfiltered to retain all its natural flavors, this oil features a distinctive fruity aroma, primarily derived from Manzanilla and Lechin olives. Ideal for those seeking an authentic, concentrated olive oil experience.

  • Olivie Plus 30x Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil


    Olivie Plus 30x is a groundbreaking extra virgin olive oil, organically certified and boasting an extraordinary concentration of polyphenols, especially hydroxytyrosol. Harvested from olive trees in the harsh Moroccan desert, this oil is known for its potent antioxidant properties and health benefits, including a significant impact on blood sugar levels.

  • Partanna Extra Virgin Olive Oil (3L)


    Partanna Extra Virgin Olive Oil, hailing from the Trapani province of Sicily, is a monovarietal oil made exclusively from 100% Nocellara del Belice olives. Celebrated for its rich flavor profile with notes of artichokes, almonds, and a peppery finish, this oil is freshly cold-pressed soon after harvest. Renowned for its quality, this award-winning oil is non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free, kosher, and handpicked, making it a versatile and healthy choice for everyday culinary use.

  • Premium Brachia Extra Virgin Olive Oil (500ml)


    This olive oil, Premium Brachia Extra Virgin, features first cold-pressed Oblica olives from Croatia, delivering a strong, fruity flavor with a distinct bitterness. Ideal for dipping and drizzling, it’s a 0.50L bottle of authentic Croatian quality.

  • Terra Creta Extra Virgin Olive Oil (3L)


    Terra Creta Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a multi-award winner from Kolymvari, Crete, offers a unique taste of the Koroneiki variety. With a rich, fruity aroma and a peppery flavor, it’s ideal for enhancing salads, meat, fish, and vegetables. Enjoy its balance and complexity, whether used in cooking, frying, or as a raw dressing.

  • Threpsi Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil


    Threpsi Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a gluten-free delight from the Messinia region of Greece, is crafted purely from Koroneiki olives. Certified organic and truly extra virgin, it boasts an oleic acid content of just 0.26%, well below the 0.80% threshold. Extracted cold for maximum nutrition, it’s ideal for health-conscious gourmets.

  • Trio Brachia Varietal Extra Virgin Olive Oil Gift Box


    Experience the Trio Brachia Varietal Extra Virgin Olive Oil Gift Box, a curated selection of Brachia’s finest oils from the sunny Island of Brač, elegantly presented in a chic black box for a taste of Croatian excellence.

  • Venta del Baron Cold Pressed EVOO


    Venta del Barón Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a premium product from Andalusia, Spain, is a blend of Hojiblanca and Picudo olives, offering a rich, aromatic flavor. This limited edition oil, presented in an elegant 500 ml bottle with a stylish gift box, holds the prestigious DOP Priego de Córdoba certification, signifying its exceptional quality and authenticity.

  • Virgeen Extra Virgin Olive Oil Limited Edition


    Virgeen Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a gourmet, single-source olive oil, rich in polyphenols and oleocanthal, designed to enhance the culinary experience with its awarded winning taste and aroma.