What To Do With Empty Olive Oil Bottles? (5 Great Ideas)

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You’ve just spent a bottle of your favorite olive oil, and now what? In this post, I’ll show you five great ideas you can try with empty olive oil bottles.

5 Things To Do With Empty Olive Oil Bottles:

  • Reuse the bottle and refill it with fresh olive oil.
  • Make your unique custom vase.
  • Turn the bottle into a charming lamp.
  • Engrave something on the bottle.
  • Make a fragrance diffuser.

5 Things To Do With Empty Olive Oil Bottles

empty bottle of olive oil, illustration

For most of the things below, you’ll have to become a bit creative, but in the end, you’ll have a unique product that nobody has. So, without further ado, let’s see some great ways to do with empty olive oil bottles.

1. Re-use Them For a New Olive Oil

The best and easiest thing to do with empty olive oil bottles is to reuse them by filling in the new olive oil. Not many people do it, but it’s straightforward, and anyone can do it. It can be especially beneficial if you have your own olive oil or buy olive oil in bulk.

Before refilling the bottle with new oil, make sure to clean the bottle thoroughly. You should completely get rid of all the tastes and aromas of old olive oil.

2. Make a Customized Vase

If you’re an artistic soul, you probably love to create various things, and making a customized vase from an empty olive oil bottle is a great way to start.

You can create it for yourself, for your friends and family, or you could even start selling that stuff on the internet, primarily through online shops such as Etsy or Amazon.

The best thing here is that you don’t need any special equipment, you only need a set of paintbrushes and some glass paint. Here’s a great tutorial on how to paint glass.

3. Turn Olive Oil Bottles Into a Lamp

Another great thing you can do with empty olive oil bottles is by creating lamps from them. It can be a great way to change the interior design of your home, workplace, winery, pantry, garage, etc.

If you’re a fan of olive oil, having an olive oil bottle lamp will be great for expressing your passion, whether at home or work.

Having something unique is always appreciated, especially if you make it yourself. To help you, I have found a great step-by-step guide on creating a lamp from a glass bottle. You’ll easily craft your first olive oil bottle lamp by following it.

As with vases, selling olive oil bottle lamps could be a great way to earn some extra income, especially if you target olive oil lovers.

4. Engrave Something On Them

Engraving has become pretty popular in the last few years. I personally know a few people who engrave glass bottles, and all of them have plenty of orders.

Engraving something on a glass bottle can be a perfect gift to your friends and family, or you can make money out of it. The best type of glass for engraving is dark glass. As you know, olive oil bottles should be made of dark glass, which makes them perfect for engraving. For this, you’ll need some equipment. Here’s an awesome UTOOL Engraver For Glass .

Engraving isn’t complex, and I think everyone can learn it, mainly because you can use schemas to engrave, so you don’t have to be a perfect artist to engrave something on glass bottles successfully.

For instance, you could engrave something like “Olive Oil “on the bottle and then use it as a permanent olive oil bottle in your home. It’s like “sugar “and “coffee “containers back in the day.

5. Make a Fragrance Diffuser

Fragrance diffusers are extremely popular nowadays, and I think they’ll be for many years to come. You can either buy them or use your imagination and create them by using your old olive oil bottles.

If you plan to make some money from your empty olive oil bottles, making fragrance diffusers is probably the best way to go. You’ll quickly sell them online and make some significant profits.

Of course, not everyone is into making money, so you can create one or two to improve your home’s design and fragrance.


Whichever of these options you choose (or more of them), I’m pretty sure that you’ll like it. I mostly just re-use them for new olive oil – but I’m not into art, and that’s reasonable.

However, if you don’t want to do any of the things I mentioned above, make sure to recycle empty olive oil bottles properly. Some states will even pay you to recycle glass bottles (in my country, we get a few cents for each bottle). That’ll help to reduce waste and keep the Earth cleaner.

I hope that now you know what to do with empty olive oil bottles. I’ve shown you only a few ways, and there are many other exciting things you could do with them. Just be creative, and something unique will come into your mind. Everything’s better than throwing them into the trash can and polluting the Earth.