Hello everyone, my name is Petar and I’m the owner of OliveKnowledge.com, a website where you can learn many new things about olives, olive oil, olive trees, olive harvesting, olive care, and much more.

I’m coming from a peaceful Mediterranean country Croatia, and since we’re at the Adria Sea, one of our main branches of agriculture is olive growing.

I wasn’t always so interested in olives, but in the last 7-8 years, I’m a big fan of olive oil and all the products that can be made out of olives. Also, I started growing a few olive trees for myself, so that I can produce my own products such as olive oil.

Every year I produce just enough olive oil for my family to have it through the whole year, and that’s my main goal. However, since olive growing requires plenty of knowledge to do it properly, I learned many new things from other people, books, youtube, blogs, etc.

My mission on this site is to share all that knowledge with you so that I can help you with any of the things related to olives. This will be a large site where every aspect of olives will be covered.

Since I’m a full-time worker, I probably won’t have enough time to push hundred of posts in a short time, but I’ll try my best to show you as many things as possible, that helped me with my olive passion.

Once again, welcome to the Olive Knowledge, and I hope that on this site, you’ll be able to find answers to your queries about Olives.

If you need any additional information, or you want to contact me for business purposes, check the Contact Page.