How To Find Global Buyers of Olives Online

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In the last few years, the demand for olive oil has been increasing in the global market. The rising trend of using them as pickles, food toppings, and other purposes has resulted in this expanding demand. As per a report from FAO, the total harvesting area has expanded by 30% between the years 2017 to 2020. All of this is to meet consumers’ existing demands. As this is a growing market, there is more than enough room for new suppliers to join and get good returns. 

Even though there is a high demand for wholesale olives in the industry, you still need to use the right strategy and a platform that your potential buyers are using.

Here is the list of the top 4 B2B marketplaces that buyers and importers use to source bulk olives:

  1. Tradewheel
  2. EC21
  3. Amazon
  4. Global Sources


tradewheel b2b marketplace

Tradewheel is a B2B marketplace with hundreds of genuine global olive buyers. You can list your products here, and buyers from the USA, Europe, China, and many more countries would come to you with their sourcing requirements. In contrast to most e-commerce marketplaces, it would only take a few minutes to create a seller account and list your goods. Even if you are confused at any stage, their support staff is available round the clock to help you.

The website also allows olive buyers to post their buying requirements. You can view these on the buying lead pages. Explore it to find olive buyers with different sizes and budget requirements.

How to use Tradewheel effectively to increase sales?

If you want to make full use of Tradewheel, list all your products with complete details as they also show on Google’s search. Furthermore, you should visit their buying lead pages on a daily basis to make sure you never miss a trading opportunity.

2. EC21

ec21 b2b marketplace

EC21 was launched back in the year 2000 and is still known for helping businesses to find good buying leads. They also have a massive number of suppliers, which leads to tough competition. Furthermore, their product posting page is also a demanding one. You would have to fill it with a lot of details, and many sellers also get their accounts banned for making slight mistakes. 

All of these hassles are not much encouraging, but they will be worth it when you start getting attention from the bulk olive buyers. They also have a separate buying lead page, but usually, the buyers on EC21 prefer to contact the relevant supplier directly. Therefore, the better approach would be to focus on getting your olives ranked on relevant queries your bulk olive importers may search for. 

They also have a community filled with like-minded people from your industry. It would not only help build a stronger brand reputation but also assist you in keeping up with the ongoing market trends. 

Is EC21 legit?

EC21 is one of the most trusted B2B marketplaces because of its rich history. Over the years, they have assisted several businesses in expanding their reach to the global level and getting genuine leads. 

3. Amazon

amazon marketplace

If you want to sell olives directly to customers, Amazon is the perfect platform for you. It has been connecting buyers and sellers since 1994 and is still an amazing platform. However, they have a very demanding signup procedure for sellers and tough competition to rank your goods organically. 

When you are setting up your store on Amazon, you must be ready to invest in paid campaigns to give yourself a boost start. But once your olives are ranked at the right keywords, your olives are going to fly off the shelves. Ideally, you should only choose Amazon if you have previous experience in this industry because it demands more skills than just adding keywords or details to the product. 

How long does it mostly take to become a seller on Amazon?

Once you have created a free seller account on Amazon, they will verify all your documents and information. If everything is okay, it usually takes around 24 hours to approve a profile. Even if you do not have a registered company, you can still sign up on Amazon. For that, you only need to click on “Sign up for individual”

4. Global Sources

global sources b2b marketplace

Global Sources is an international platform that purchases managers from all over the world use. They have a relatively easy-to-sign-up and product posting procedure for sellers. Their massive network of over 1.5 million buyers surely includes your potential global wholesale olive oil buyers. You only need to target them the right way. 

The best approach to promote your goods on this platform would be to get yourself verified. The Verified Badge, along with your products, usually appeals to buyers and boosts their confidence. It may require some effort and investment, but it can boost the chances of finding global buyers of olives online. 

The bigger chunk of the audience here is price-conscious olive buyers. Therefore, it is always crucial to analyze your competitor’s pricing strategy and set yours accordingly. 

How do suppliers differentiate themselves on Global Sources?

If you compare the prices on Global Sources with other marketplaces, they will be much lower. Here, sellers focus on giving discount offers to grab the market share. Therefore, it is the first choice for businesses looking to source with a low budget.

Top 3 Importing Countries of Olives:

Olives are a popular ingredient in many cuisines around the world, and they are also highly sought after as a source of oil. While olives are grown in many countries, some of the top importing countries of olives that sellers should target are:

  • USA
  • European Union 
  • United Kingdom

USA is the largest importer of olive oil in the world, followed by the European Union and the United Kingdom. They are known to dominate the global olive trade and are major players in the international market for olives and olive products.

Most Popular Olive Variety:

The olive demand heavily depends on the region you are targeting. Yet, among all, these 3 are the most popular olive varieties:

  • Thassos
  • Kalamata
  • Arbequina 

Tips to Find Genuine Olive Buyers:

To avoid any scams, these are the three tips that you should always follow when selling online: 

  • Verify buyer’s credentials like tax ID and business license.
  • Make sure they have a verified Payment Method.
  • Never accept unrealistic offers.