How Much Do Olive Trees Cost To Buy? Detailed Pricing Ranges

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If you’re planning to buy an olive tree, you are probably interested in how much it costs to buy an olive tree. I decided to research the market deeply and write this thorough article on olive tree prices. It’s not a small investment, especially if you’re planning to buy more olive trees for your garden or farm.

Key Takeaways:

  • Price is influenced by the tree’s age, size, variety, and the buyer’s location.
  • Young olive trees, up to 5 years old, are the cheapest, costing between $20-$250.
  • Mature olive trees, aged 5-70 years, vary in price from $200-$600.
  • Ancient olive trees over 70 years old can cost upwards of $1500, with some exceeding $50,000.
  • Bulk purchases often come with discounts, and trees can be bought from both online and offline sources.

The Price Depends On Four Main Factors

woman buying an olive tree

You can’t expect each olive tree to cost the same.

Many factors affect the price of an olive tree, and four main factors are:

  • Age of olive tree – the age of an olive tree is the main factor, and it affects the price the most. Younger olive trees are always cheaper than older olive trees.
  • Size of the olive tree – the size of an olive tree is somehow related to age, but still, the smallest olive trees usually cost less than giant olive trees.
  • Olive variety – some more popular olive varieties tend to cost more than others, and that’s completely normal. Even though most olive varieties have a similar price
  • Your location – Olive trees don’t grow everywhere, and that’s why your location may affect the price, too. If you live in a place without olive trees, it’ll probably be more expensive to get one. Luckily, we have internet today, and you can buy olive trees in various online shops, which helps a lot.

Since age is the most critical factor in determining the olive tree price, I’ll organize the data according to the olive ages.

Young Olive Trees Price

Young olive trees are considered all the olive trees up to 5 years old. They’re still not ready to produce fruit, so they’re the cheapest ones to buy, but they require the most care to grow them until they’re able to bear fruit.

You can expect them to cost anywhere between $20 and $250. I would consider everything above that too expensive.

Age (Years)Price
0-1up to $50
1-3$50 to $100
3-5$100 to $250

Mature Olive Trees Price

Mature olive trees are trees that can produce fruit, and they’re usually anywhere between 5 to 70 years old. Mature olive tree prices vary by age, and I made a table below with the price data according to the olive tree age (approximate) to make it easier for you.

You can expect mature olive trees to cost anywhere between $200 and $600. Personally, I wouldn’t pay anything more than that for a mature olive tree unless it’s really a specific one.

Age (Years)Price
5-10$200 to $300
10-20$300 to $400
20-70$400 to $600

Ancient Olive Trees Price

Ancient olive trees are a specific category of olive trees that are more than 70 years old. There are some places online where you can buy a 500-year-old olive tree. There’s no limit to the price of ancient olive trees, and some of them cost more than $50,000. Usually, the prices start at $1500 and up.

It’s simple: the older the tree, the more money it costs, and it’s the same in all three categories. Also, not only are the trees very costly, but the shipping and replanting costs are enormous for ancient olive trees.

If you thoroughly research the market, sometimes you’ll be able to get an ancient tree for less than $1000, but it’s pretty rare. So, always thoroughly research the market, then decide according to olive trees’ look and age.

Where To Buy Olive Trees in the USA

olive tree market, olive trees for sale

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of online shops where you can buy olive trees. After researching the market, I found five online shops with olive trees for sale that I can recommend to you.

The Best Online Shop To Buy Young and Mature Olive Trees in The USA:

2 Online Shops To Buy Ancient Olive Trees in The USA:

Also, if you decide to buy in bulk, you’ll get big discounts in most of these shops (except the ancient ones), so keep that in mind. If you buy olive trees for your farm, you should contact all of these shops and check which shop will give you the best prices. Maybe, depending on your location, you’ll be able to find some offline shops where you’ll be able to get even lower prices. So, don’t accept the first offer. Always look for better ones.