How To Remove Olive Oil Stains: The Ultimate Guide

olive oil stain on a t shirt

Cooking with olive oil always ensures you great cuisine, but it can also cause irritating stains. Allowing a cooking oil stain to go through the dryer is something you definitely don’t want to do because it will make it more difficult to remove.

I thought that it would be practical to discuss the various methods on how to remove olive oil stains depending on the surfaces.

How To Remove Olive Oils From Different Things

Here are some suggestions to get rid of these stains. These olive oil stain removal suggestions are also equally effective on stains caused by other types of cooking oils, such as vegetable oil and Canola oil.


Have you accidentally stained your favorite outfit while preparing the dish with extra virgin olive oil? Not to worry, we have a solution. First of all, if the oil stain is recent, you can cover it in a few minutes with this Shout Color Catcher Sheets for Laundry (check the price on Amazon now).

Shout Color Catcher Dye-Trapping Sheet absorbs and traps stray dyes in your wash water, preventing color bleeds from harming your clothing and preserving the brilliant original colors. Put one sheet in the washer, followed by the detergent and clothes.

You can use two sheets if the stain is severe. After the laundry cycle is over, discard the sheet you used to stop the sheet from entering the water pump.


There are countless DIY techniques available online. But you may find them ineffective in the majority of cases. By purchasing stain remover right away, you can save time and effort.

If you don’t already have the stain remover in your pantry or laundry room, I recommend you buy Nature’s Miracle Stain & Odor Remover Trigger Spray (check the price on Amazon now). Nature’s Miracle stain and odor Remover is Tough on oil, feces, vomit, drool, and other organic stains and odors on your wood floor or furniture.

Thoroughly soak the stain after wiping away as much of the stain as you can. Give it ten minutes to work. Use a clean cloth to blot away the stain. Dry the area for 24 hours. Purchase it if you want two-for-one benefits, such as odor and stain removal.

Carpet and Upholstery

For the stubborn olive oil stain on carpet and upholstery, I recommend using Hate Stains Messy Eater Spot Cleaner for Clothing, Fabric, and Carpet (check the price on Amazon now). With a powerful, quick-acting stain remover, you can quickly clean off that olive stain on your armchairs, sofas, and rug.

Even the most difficult fresh or dry oil stains will vanish with a simple spray, blot, and rinse. Its 100% biodegradable formula is “Safer Choice” certified and free of toxic chemicals or dyes. This is the most convenient solution for your stains. Just spray and see the magic happening!

Driveway and Patio

Oil spills can cause parking lots or driveways to get stained. We have the easiest way to clean all your outdoor surfaces, even its grease, fuel, or olive oil stains.

The most effective solution to this will be the Wet & Forget Outdoor Moss, Mold, Mildew, & Algae Stain Remover Multi-Surface Cleaner (check the price on Amazon now). This stain remover is applicable to any concrete or asphalt surface, including sidewalks, garages, and driveways.

Apply generously to a dry surface on a cool, dry day to prevent the product’s quick evaporation. Apply when it’s over 32° F without rinsing and when rain is not expected for 4-5 hours.


Whether you have granite on your patio or a countertop, the stone needs maintenance to stay in top condition. Olive oil spills on your countertop more frequently while you’re cooking, and if it stays there for a long enough time, it soaks into the granite and stains it. You can add Trinova Granite Sealer & Protector (check the price on Amazon now) to your home care appliances list.

This spray penetrates the stone’s naturally porous surface using a potent polymer combination to prevent stains from penetrating and setting in permanently. Additionally, it offers a barrier on top of the granite to stop wet spots and other debris from adhering.

Spray the product over the surface, then buff it in 3-foot sections with a dry microfiber cloth. After one to two minutes, properly dry off, and let the cure for one hour.


There’s a lot of leather in your life, couches, bags, shoes, and car seats. Therefore there is a staining risk for everything. It might be challenging to remove olive oil stains from leather using common household items.

The good news is that there are effective stain removers on the market that will help you quickly get rid of them. One of the finest options is Amodex Ink and Stain Remover (check the price on Amazon now). The nontoxic formula is made for use on clothes, carpets, furniture fabric, tablecloths, upholstery, and other delicate surfaces and skInches. Amodex works on any kind of fabric.


If you have spilled olive oil on your cotton shirt while cooking, don’t panic! Here’s what you need, The Laundress New York Stain Solution (check the price on Amazon now).

Whether the stain is old or new, you just need one drop of this powerful stain remover on the spot and rub for a while. Then soak it in warm water and wash it. You can use this on cotton fabric and all washable fabrics.

Are Extra Virgin Olive Oil Stains Hard To Remove?

Oil unquestionably leaves behind some of the most difficult stains. It can be challenging to completely clean them out, but the earlier you try, the better.

While the oil stains might not seem severe at first, they often deepen the fabric as they sit, so it’s important to try to get rid of them as soon as possible. The oil will be more fully absorbed the longer you wait.

Your success will rely on the stain, the fabric’s quality and color, and the method you choose to clean it.

The internet is full of articles that offer DIY fixes using home ingredients. However, while using more of your time and effort, they still produce bad outcomes. It’s merely because you haven’t used what you ought to have.

Final Words

Just because you accidentally spill olive oil on your favorite shirt doesn’t mean it’s ruined forever! You might always try a commercial stain remover if the oil stains are particularly difficult to remove or if you prefer a stronger treatment right away.

These treatments are frequently manufactured with stronger ingredients to remove more difficult stains. If you ever have some olive oil spill anywhere, we hope that following the suggestions above will help you catch it in time to get the stain removed.