Oleista: Platform For Bulk Olive Oil Buying and Selling


As I stated on the About Me page, I don’t publish sponsored posts without disclosing it first. This is a sponsored post, but I personally love the idea of Oleista, and that’s why I decided to share their story with you. Hope you’ll enjoy it!


The harsh reality facing the olive sector has made it increasingly necessary to seek tools that ease the lives of olive growers. With this purpose in mind, an agricultural engineer, an industrial engineer, and a computer engineer decided to join forces, combine their knowledge of agriculture and technology, and provide a technological boost to the olive oil sector.

Thus, Oleista was born, a web portal founded in Córdoba (Spain) that allows companies and producers to publish their offers and demands for bulk olive oil, enabling them to negotiate directly.

About Oleista

“We conducted a study on the existing technological tools in the market that could bring advantages to the olive sector, and we found that there was no option that allowed direct online sales from producers and/or intermediaries to buyers/packers/distributors. So, we began thinking about creating a web portal that would function as a meeting point for these professionals, enabling them to operate easily, quickly, and transparently, facilitating direct transactions of buying and selling at the national and international level,” explain the creators of this portal.

It’s not just a tool designed to assist large producers. “With Oleista, we also aim to help small olive mills that lack sufficient IT resources to promote themselves for free on the internet,” state the founders of Oleista.

Useful Tools Provided by Oleista to Users

The website features a directory of olive mills where each one can update their contact information, as well as their website and online stores. “In this way, any user can purchase their packaged products. With this well-positioned directory on the internet, we aim to assist this part of the sector with unlimited resources that cannot compete with large companies,” explain the initiators of the platform. Inclusion in this directory is entirely free, and users only need to register on Oleista to add photographs of their packaged products and facilities, as well as contact information.

Furthermore, Oleista provides updated information on the prices of different types of olive oil in four countries (Spain, Italy, Greece, and Tunisia), which can be used as a reference by sellers to establish prices for each lot they wish to put up for sale, and by buyers to know the current market prices.

How to Buy and Sell on Oleista

As for the modus operandi, it is worth noting that user registration on Oleista is only allowed for legally established users/companies operating in the olive sector. Oleista conducts a prior verification of each user who requests registration. For this purpose, they consult public databases of companies to verify the information provided by each user. In cases where no information confirming the connection to the user or company with the sector is found, Oleista will get in touch with the interested party to provide supporting documentation.

In this way, if a producer wants to put up a lot of olive oil for sale, they only need to register on Oleista. Once their registration is validated, they can access the “sell” page, where they must fill out a form with the details of the available olive oil (including attached files of analyses and organoleptic tastings), the price, and the conditions for the product collection.

Oleista also manages the sending of samples for each of the lots. This way, buyers can conduct their own analyses and tastings before deciding on a particular oil.

On the other hand, for a buyer to negotiate a lot, they only need to register, view the available offers, and negotiate the price directly with the seller through the private chat provided by the platform. Once both parties reach an agreement, they will sign the online contract provided by Oleista, and from that moment, they can proceed with the shipment and receipt of the merchandise.

But that’s not all. Oleista also allows the possibility of making demands for oils, so buyers can specify what they need. The procedure is as follows: they must complete a form with the details of the olive oil they are seeking, and Oleista will forward it to its registered producers.

Great Reception in this First Stage

In just over 7 months since its launch, this Spanish-origin portal has already received visits from 25 different countries, registering users from countries such as Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Albania, Tunisia, Turkey, Egypt, Chile, Brazil, and the USA, among others, including the main olive oil producers and importers worldwide.

In conclusion, the founders of Oleista detail that “given the special situation we are facing in this and the upcoming campaign due to the scarce quantity of olive oil available, we believe this technological tool will be of great help to users who work in the olive sector, buying and selling bulk olive oil.”

Final Thoughts

Here’s a final key takeaway of Oleista:

  • Oleista, a web portal from Spain, facilitates direct bulk olive oil trading between companies and producers.
  • Designed to assist both large and small olive mills, Oleista aims for easy, quick, and transparent online transactions.
  • Offers a free directory for olive mills to promote their products and provides current market price information.
  • Strict user registration process for industry participants, including sale and purchase negotiations and contract signing.
  • Gained an international user base from over 25 countries in just 7 months, addressing the current scarcity in olive oil supply.

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