7+ Health Benefits Of Drinking Olive Leaf Tea

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We all know about olive oil and its health, but there’s more you can get out of olive trees. People have been using olive leaf tea for a few thousands of years now, and it’s becoming more and more popular nowadays. Olive leaf tea has many benefits, and in today’s article, I’ll show you what olive leaf tea is good for.

Olive leaf tea can help you lower cardiovascular diseases, balance blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, help you with weight loss, balance your immunity, help you with digestion and inflammations, and boost energy.

That’s the short answer, and I’ll describe all of the benefits more thoroughly below in the article, so make sure to check them all. I bet you’ll find something that olive leaf tea can help you with.

Benefits Of Drinking Olive Leaf Tea

Now I’ll show you the most important benefits of drinking olive leaf tea. Olive leaf tea is also good to use if you have some specific diseases, which I’ll mention too.

1. Cardiovascular Health

Olive leaf tea can be a great supplement to your daily diet if you want to prevent cardiovascular diseases. Its ingredients may help with the health of the heart and the entire vascular system.

2. Reduces Blood Pressure

Olive leaf tea can benefit people with high blood pressure since it reduces blood pressure and keeps it balanced. To help you with your blood pressure, you can drink one olive leaf tea in the morning and one in the evening.

3. Cholesterol

Many olive leaf ingredients prevent the formation of bad cholesterol in our organism. Increased fat and cholesterol are common diseases today, and drinking olive leaf tea daily may help with them.

4. Weight Loss

Since olive leaf tea has a detox effect on your body, it may be a great addition to your diet if you’re trying to lose weight. Also, an olive leaf tea can help with overeating – just drink it half an hour before the meal, and you’ll probably eat less food.

5. Balances Your Immunity

Because it’s full of vitamins and minerals, olive leaf tea may help balance your immunity. I like to drink it to prevent influenza and other typical winter threats during the winter season.

6. Digestion Helper

Just as olive oil is excellent for digestion and constipation, olive leaf tea has similar benefits. It can help you improve your digestion system and help you with constipation if you have such problems.

7. Energy and Concentration

Olive leaf tea contains thein, which other teas usually have. Thein is known to benefit the nervous system and improve our concentration. It can also help you by boosting energy, which will again help you with weight loss.

8. Additional Benefits Of Olive Leaf Tea

Here are also a few other things that olive leaf tea may help you with:

  • Herpes
  • Arthritis
  • Diabetes
  • Hepatitis
  • Meningitis (both viral and bacterial)
  • Malaria
  • Vaginitis
  • A few researches even claim that it can help against the Ebola virus and AIDS. (it’s not proven)
  • It’s a great alternative to green tea since olive leaf tea doesn’t contain caffeine

Olive Leaf Tea Is Rich In Healthy Ingredients

There are plenty of healthy ingredients that we can find in olive leaf tea. I won’t go long here, but I’ll mention the most important ones.

Ingredients found in olive leaf:

  • Oleuropein and oleuropezide – according to some researchers, these two ingredients are the healthiest in olive leaf since they may help with most of the diseases mentioned above.
  • Antioxidants
  • Tannin
  • Flavonoids
  • Saponins
  • Sugar
  • Resin
  • Essential oils

To get more information about olive leaf ingredients, check here.

Start Slowly With Olive Leaf Tea

Even though olive leaf tea has many health benefits, you shouldn’t start using large amounts of it right away. I recommend you drink it once or twice a day, or even better, you can drink it a few days a week only, and drink other types of teas the rest of the week.

There are no substantial side effects of using olive leaf tea, but some may occur:

  • Stomach pain
  • Headaches

Also, since olive leaf tea is a great detox, if you use it too much right away, the liver will not be able to get rid of all these harmful things, so start slowly.

Furthermore, olive leaf tea may not go well with some antibiotics and blood pressure pills, so make sure to check with your doctor before you start using it.

How To Make Olive Leaf Tea

People make it in hundreds of different ways. Some of them use little tea bags, while others use olive leaves. I prefer to use olive leaves since it’s a more natural product, and I’m always sure that there’s nothing else but olive leaves.

I like to make olive leaf tea this way:

  • Pour water into the saucepan and wait for it to boil
  • Add a pinch of olive leaves into the boiling water
  • Cook it for 3-6 minutes
  • Strain the tea so you get rid of leaves
  • Drink it (you can squeeze a bit of lemon in the tea, too)
  • If you like making larger amounts of tea, you can even put the rest into the glass bottle and store it in the fridge. That way, you’ll have an ice tea.

If you prefer using olive leaf tea bags, you can just pour some boiling water into the cup, put the teabag in, and wait for 3-5 minutes until the water soaks all the healthy ingredients. Take out the tea bag and you’re ready to drink the tea.


With so many benefits of olive leaf tea, it would be a shame not to drink it. I hope that now you’re more familiar with all of them and that you’ll start using the olive leaf tea regularly as I do.

There are also other products of olive leaves such as olive leaf extract. It also has many health benefits, but it’s much more concentrated and I don’t prefer using it.

However, just to make sure, if you have some health conditions such as high blood pressure or you’re using antibiotics, check with your doctor before you start using the olive leaf tea.

Disclaimer: The above information can’t be considered professional health advice. I’m not a doctor, I’m just showing you things that I learned in the past few years of regularly drinking olive leaf tea.

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