7 Best Tools For Pruning Olive Trees in 2023

man pruning an olive tree

Pruning olives may be a challenging task to do if you don’t have the right equipment. With the right shears and saws, pruning olive trees will be much easier and can be done quicker. In today’s article, I’ll show you the best tools for olive pruning in 2023 so that you can start using them and make pruning tasks easier.

For each category, I’ll give you more choices so that you can choose any depending on your needs. Also, you probably already know that, but you may want to have a few different types of tools to prune both thick and thin twigs and branches.

It’s important that all the tools are heavy-duty so that they can last you for years. There’s nothing worse than buying some device that only lasts for a few months. I gave my best to find high-quality, heavy-duty olive pruning tools that’ll last you for years.

HINT: if you have plenty of olive trees in your orchard, don’t forget to check the electric cordless category, that’s probably the best category for you to look at.

Best Olive Pruning Shears

The tool you’ll need the most is the shears, so I put this category first. I’ll show you the best picks for a few types of olive pruning shears, so the size of the olive tree won’t bother you if you have them.

1. Gonicc 8 “Professional Sharp Pruning Shears

For smaller twigs and branches, you’ll need some high-quality pruning shears. Luckily, these from Gonicc are well-built and should last you for years.

These Gonic pruning shears are bypass types of shears, which makes them ideal for cutting live branches. You should stay away from anvil shears since they’re for cutting dead branches. Bypass vs. Anvil pruner video explanation.

These Gonic shears are made of SK-5 steel with Ultra-fine polishing technology, making them extremely sharp so that pruning olive tree branches won’t be a problem for you.

Another important thing is that they’re ergonomically designed, which makes them comfortable for your hands, and also, they have non-slip handles so you can safely use them.

People are delighted with these shears, and I think you’ll be too. Many reviews confirm the quality of Gonicc shears, especially when we talk about longevity and sharpness.

2. Fiskars Steel Blade Garden Bypass Lopper and Tree Trimmer

For some twigs and branches that are too high for using shears or too thick, you should use sharp loppers that use lever technology for cutting. Steel Blade Garden bypass loppers from Fiskar are a perfect choice for that.

You’ll be able to cut up to 1.5-inch thick branches, making them perfect for pruning olive trees. Steel Blade loppers have a steel blade with a low-friction coating, which ensures smooth cutting (if you ever used some low-quality loppers as I did, you know what I’m talking about), and I think that’s one of the most important things.

Rubberized handles will make them more comfortable for long-term use and non-slippery, making them much safer to use.

The only con of these loppers is that they’re slightly heavier, but it’s justified when we take the robust into the count. There’s also version 1 (PowerGear) of these loppers, which is lighter but not as strong as these. So, if you mind holding a 3lbs lopper, check the older version, which is lighter.

3. Extendable Tree Pruning Shears by Fiskars

Another pruning tool from Fiskars is this great extendable tree pruner which is excellent for cutting high branches without climbing a ladder. It can go as high as 12 feet, which is more than enough for 99% of olive trees out there.

Unlike some other extendable loppers, it doesn’t have a rope, making them a two-handed device for more precise and more straightforward cuts. At the top, you can adjust the cutting head angle so it’s easier to reach some bent twigs and branches.

You can also install a saw attachment so that you can use it on thicker branches too. However, you get the most out of this tool by using a pruner/lopper attachment.

Considering the size, this tool is pretty lightweight (5 lbs) because the pole is made of aluminum. That’ll reduce fatigue during all-day use.

Best Olive Pruning Saws

For some thicker olive branches, you should have pruning saws too. That way, pruning thicker branches is much easier. So, let’s see the best picks.

1. REXBETI Folding Saw

This 11-inch long blade is excellent for pruning twigs and branches too thick for shears or loppers. The fact that it’s made for really thick branches makes them even better for pruning olive trees.

With this saw, you can comfortably cut up to 7-inch diameter branches. For most olive branches, that’s more than enough. With 7 TPI (teeth per inch), you’ll get clean cuts, so you won’t damage the tree when pruning.

The blade is made of SK-5 steel that’s highly durable, sharp, and hard. All that increases their longevity. To prove that, they give you a lifetime warranty on the saw.

The best thing about this saw is that it’s foldable. It won’t take up a lot of space, and it’s easier to carry them. Even more important is that it’s also a safety feature so you don’t cut yourself while holding them in your pocket.

2. DocaPole 7-30 Foot Telescopic Pruning Saw

This DocaPole pruning save is perfect for pruning too high branches to reach them by hand. It has an extendable telescopic pole that can extend anywhere between 7-30 feet.

It has a 13-inch bi-directional blade with a 3x tooth design, making them great for olive tree pruning. They’ll cut the tree whether you do back or forth cutting motions, which increases the speed of pruning a lot.

The only catch is that this saw can is only strong enough to cut the 2-inch diameter branches. In my opinion, that’s reasonable because of the extremely long telescopic pole. Also, high olive branches aren’t usually very thick, so this saw should be more than enough.

Best Electric Cordless Shears and Saws For Olive Pruning

The last category is cordless shears and saws for olive pruning. If you have plenty of olive trees to prune every year, I suggest you check this category. They’re a bit more expensive at first, but it’s a worthy investment since the whole pruning task will be much easier for you. Without further ado, let’s check the top picks.

1. Kebtek Professional Electric Pruning Shears

These Kebtek electric cordless shears are made for easier-than-ever olive tree pruning tasks. With them, you won’t get tired quickly, and you’ll be able to prune much more than with traditional mechanical pruning shears.

The blade is made of SK-5 durable and sharp steel, which can easily cut branches up to 1.57-inch diameter. Again, for most olive tree branches, that’s more than enough.

The best thing about this tool is the working time. It has a brushless motor which is known for saving batteries. When fully charged, batteries can hold up to 6000 cuttings. That’s an enormous number, and you really can prune a lot of trees with that.

You’ll get two 25V 2A batteries that charge for 1-1.5 hours only in the pack. Working time is about 3-4 hours for one battery and 6-8 hours for double batteries. So, they should last you through the whole workday.

Shears weigh only 3 lbs with the battery attached, and I think it’s not extremely heavy when we consider that you won’t need any extra strength to pull the trigger.

2. Zitrodge Electric Cordless Mini Chainsaw

Zitrodge cordless mini chainsaw is an extremely portable device that you can use when pruning olive trees. It’ll be great for thick brunches that you can’t cut with shears. Also, it’s much better than standard mechanical saws because you won’t get tired quickly. If you have plenty of trees to prune (with thicker branches), this is a must-have, in my opinion.

It can cut branches up to 3.93 inches (10cm) in diameter, which is perfectly fine for pruning olives. Working time for one battery is around 15-25 minutes, which is usually about 2-3 hours of work. With two batteries, you can cut plenty of olive tree branches.

The chainsaw has a safety lock switch and splash protection. Both the safety lock and the trigger must be pressed simultaneously, which makes it a really safe device to use. Also, it weighs only 2.8 lbs, which isn’t a lot, and anyone can keep it for a long time.

You’ll get 2x20V batteries, 2x chains, 1 charger, a nut driver, screwdriver gloves, installation notes, professional gloves, and the suitcase in the pack.

The biggest con of this kit is that you don’t get any information about the oil, so make sure to track the oil levels in the device. Oil is used to keep the chain smooth and stable, and any ordinary chain oil should be fine.

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