Chiavalon Atilio Extra Virgin High Polyphenol Olive Oil Price: $37.95 (as of 24/11/2023 18:17 PST- Details)

Chiavalon Atilio Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a remarkable blend from Istria, Croatia. Boasting a rich, fruity taste with a bold, peppery finish, this oil is ideal for enhancing meat dishes. Awarded 1st Overall at the Leone D’oro International Olive Oil Competition and trusted by every Michelin-starred restaurant in Croatia, it’s a must-have for gourmet kitchens.

Chiavalon Atilio Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the epitome of the Istrian olive oil tradition, meticulously produced in the scenic town of Vodnjan. This exquisite oil is a carefully crafted blend of Crnica and Istarska Bijelica olives, cultivated between 80 and 180 meters above sea level. The harvest, a mix of traditional hand-picking and modern pneumatic techniques, takes place in October, ensuring the finest quality olives.

The olives are immediately processed in a two-phase continuous cycle at a maximum temperature of 24°C, which preserves their natural, rich flavors. The resulting oil boasts an opulent texture, a magnificent golden-green color, and a complex aroma filled with the richness of artichoke and chicory, entwined with fragrant rosemary and mint.

The palate experience is equally impressive, with a robust taste of black pepper and almond and a notable bitterness and spiciness that resonates with every drop. This oil is particularly renowned for its delicious fruity taste, leading to a very strong spicy/peppery finish. Its strong, intense flavors are uniquely suited for meat-based dishes, elevating them to gourmet levels.

Chiavalon Atilio has been recognized and trusted by culinary experts, evident by its use in every Michelin-starred restaurant in Croatia. It also achieved 1st Overall at the prestigious Leone D’oro International Olive Oil Competition in Italy, solidifying its reputation on the global stage. The Michelin Guide’s latest edition features the Chiavalon olive farm as a must-visit destination, further testament to the oil’s exceptional quality.

Available in 0.5L bottles, Chiavalon Atilio Extra Virgin Olive Oil is more than a cooking ingredient; it’s a journey into the heart of Croatian culinary excellence, perfect for everyday use and for bringing a touch of Michelin-star quality to your home cooking.