Entimio Cortese Medium Organic EVOO

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Entimio Cortese Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a 2022 harvest, award-winning Tuscan olive oil, celebrated for its fresh, fruity taste with a peppery finish, high polyphenol content, and luxurious packaging, making it an ideal gift.

The Entimio Cortese Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a testament to the rich heritage and meticulous craft of Tuscan olive oil production. Harvested in 2022, this oil captures the authentic, early harvest fresh taste of green olives, beautifully intertwined with notes of almond, fresh-cut grass, and olive leaf. The result is a delightful fruity profile, accented by a nice peppery finish attributed to its high antioxidant content, making each taste a journey in itself. This oil remains in its prime until January 31, 2025, ensuring a lasting experience of freshness.

What sets this olive oil apart is its remarkable health benefits. It is a superfood with over 400 mg/kg of polyphenols like oleocanthal and oleuropein, boasting low acidity below 0.25%. The oil is rich in monounsaturated fats, primarily oleic acid, and has a high smoke point above 470F. Additionally, it is 100% free from pesticides, ensuring purity and quality in every drop, verified through lab testing.

The Entimio Cortese has been recognized for its excellence with the 2023 NYIOOC Gold Award and the 2022 EVO IOOC Gold Award. This USDA Certified Organic extra virgin olive oil is produced and bottled on a Tuscan family estate, maintaining a tradition of artisanal quality and care.

This olive oil is versatile in its culinary applications. It is superb for enhancing the flavors of avocado, vinaigrette, delicate vegetables, fish, fried eggs, mayonnaise, and mild cheese. As an ultra-premium cooking oil, it is ideal for those seeking to elevate their food with a daily antioxidant shot.

Presented as a perfect gift, the Entimio Cortese comes in luxury packaging designed to preserve its freshness. Each package includes a leaflet detailing the product’s features and food pairings. The oil is sourced from a single small batch produced by an artisanal family producer, ensuring that each bottle offers an exclusive and luxurious experience.