Kosterina Extra Virgin Olive Oil Premium

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Kosterina Original Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a testament to the power of nature, embodying a bold, robust flavor enriched with antioxidants. Sourced from 100% Koroneiki olives, this high-polyphenol EVOO is cold-pressed in southern Greece, ensuring a fresh, peppery finish. It’s not just an olive oil; it’s a superfood, promoting health and well-being with every use.

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Kosterina Extra Virgin Olive Oil is much more than a culinary ingredient; it’s a journey into the heart of Greek heritage. Founded in 2017 by Katerina Mountanos and her husband Kostas, Kosterina brings the authentic taste of Southern Greece’s extra virgin olive oil to the global stage. This oil is crafted from olives harvested early and cold-pressed in small batches, capturing the essence of freshness and quality in every bottle.

Kosterina’s EVOO is a celebration of Greek tradition and a testament to the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet. With 8 to 10 times the free-radical-fighting properties of standard store-bought oils, it’s a superfood in its own right, loaded with antioxidants that support overall health and well-being.

The oil’s rich, bold flavor, characterized by its earthy and peppery notes, makes it a versatile culinary ally. Whether paired with Kosterina’s range of flavorful balsamic vinegars or used to elevate the taste of any sweet or savory dish, its smooth taste adds a robust richness that enhances every recipe. Kosterina EVOO is more than just an oil; it’s an expression of heritage, health, and the enduring legacy of Greek culinary excellence.