Laudemio Frescobaldi Tuscany Extra Virgin Olive Price: $34.04 (as of 24/11/2023 18:17 PST- Details)

Laudemio Frescobaldi Tuscany Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a premium, cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil known for its intense fruitiness and fresh olive fragrance. It has a harmonious taste with marked herbaceous sensations and light notes of green tomato, making it elegant and distinctive. This oil is ideal for enhancing dishes like risotto and courgette and artichoke flan.

Laudemio Frescobaldi Tuscany Extra Virgin Olive Oil represents the epitome of Tuscan olive oil production, upheld by the rigorous standards of the Laudemio Consortium. This oil is sourced from the Frescobaldi family’s 300 hectares of olive groves, emphasizing a legacy of quality and tradition.

Fragrance-wise, it offers an intense fruitiness reminiscent of fresh olives, which is a testament to its freshness and quality. The taste is a harmonious blend of herbaceous notes and subtle hints of green tomato, providing an elegant and refined flavor profile. This oil is specifically praised for its ability to elevate dishes such as risotto, as well as courgette and artichoke flan, thanks to its unique taste characteristics.

Cold-pressed to retain all its natural qualities, Laudemio Frescobaldi is not just an ingredient but a centerpiece in culinary creations. Its production process is closely monitored, from the planting of the olive trees to the harvesting and oil extraction, ensuring that only the highest quality product bears the Laudemio name. Packaged thoughtfully to protect from light and preserve its quality, it’s recognizable by its unique “running man” logo, embodying the richness of Tuscan olive oil making tradition.