Terra Creta Extra Virgin Olive Oil (3L)

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Terra Creta Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a multi-award winner from Kolymvari, Crete, offers a unique taste of the Koroneiki variety. With a rich, fruity aroma and a peppery flavor, it’s ideal for enhancing salads, meat, fish, and vegetables. Enjoy its balance and complexity, whether used in cooking, frying, or as a raw dressing.

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Terra Creta Extra Virgin Olive Oil, presented in a generous 3-liter package, is a culinary treasure from the certified olive groves of the renowned Kolymvari area in Chania, Crete. As a multi-award-winning, single-variety product, it proudly showcases the distinctive taste features of the traditional Koroneiki olive. This P.D.O Kolymvari Extra Virgin Olive Oil is celebrated for its balance and complexity, offering a sensory profile characterized by distinguished fruitiness, mild bitterness, and medium-intensity spiciness. It is particularly effective when used raw or with lightly cooked dishes, allowing its rich, fruity aroma and characteristic-rich, peppery flavor to shine.

Acidity is meticulously kept below 0.5%, a testament to the careful cultivation, selection, and pressing of the estate’s olives. The cold-pressed oil, made from 100% single variety (Koroneiki) and single origin, ensures purity and authenticity in every drop. Terra Creta Estate’s PDO Kolymvari Extra Virgin Olive Oil is versatile and suitable for a wide range of culinary applications. It elevates salads, complements meats and fish, and adds a burst of flavor to vegetables. Whether you are cooking, frying, or steaming, this olive oil is an indispensable addition to your kitchen, bringing a touch of Crete’s gastronomic excellence to your table.