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Threpsi Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a gluten-free delight from the Messinia region of Greece, is crafted purely from Koroneiki olives. Certified organic and truly extra virgin, it boasts an oleic acid content of just 0.26%, well below the 0.80% threshold. Extracted cold for maximum nutrition, it’s ideal for health-conscious gourmets.

Threpsi Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a testament to quality and purity, sourced directly from the picturesque Messinia region in southern Greece, near Kalamata. This oil is not just organic but also genuinely extra virgin, with an impressively low oleic acid content of 0.26% and a peroxide level of 7.8 meq/kg, ensuring both health benefits and exceptional taste.

Made exclusively from Koroneiki olives, renowned for their high biophenol levels and the rich flavor of ripe olive fruit, each batch is carefully grown and harvested by small-scale family farmers. The cold extraction process used in its production preserves the nutritional content, aligning with Threpsi’s ethos, which translates to ‘Nutrition’ in Greek.

This gluten-free olive oil is not just a culinary ingredient but a celebration of tradition, health, and flavor. Perfect for drizzling over salads, enhancing your cooking, or as a dip, it offers a sublime taste experience while staying true to natural, sustainable practices. Threpsi is your go-to choice for an authentic, nutritious, and flavorful addition to any dish.