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Venta del Barón Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a premium product from Andalusia, Spain, is a blend of Hojiblanca and Picudo olives, offering a rich, aromatic flavor. This limited edition oil, presented in an elegant 500 ml bottle with a stylish gift box, holds the prestigious DOP Priego de Córdoba certification, signifying its exceptional quality and authenticity.

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Venta del Barón Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a distinguished and award-winning culinary masterpiece from Andalusia, Spain, offers a luxurious blend of Hojiblanca and Picudo olives. This exquisite oil is a product of a meticulous first harvest, limited in production to ensure unparalleled quality and freshness, highlighted by its DOP Priego de Córdoba certification.

Each 500 ml bottle of Venta del Barón is a testament to the artisanal excellence of a family-owned business where quality reigns supreme. The olives, handpicked from sun-kissed groves, undergo a unique cold extraction process, preserving their natural aromas and healthful properties. This method results in an olive oil that’s vibrant in flavor, yet harmoniously balanced, making it a staple in the kitchens of world-renowned chefs and prestigious restaurants, including the Waldorf Astoria and Alain Ducasse.

On the palate, Venta del Barón presents a complex symphony of flavors. It opens with an intensely fruity bouquet, filled with the scents of green herbs like fresh mint, and notes of local fruits such as apples and almonds. Subtle undertones of green bananas, tomatoes, and artichokes add to its rich aroma. As it graces the taste buds, an initial sweetness transitions to the characteristic slight bitterness of fresh olives, culminating in a spicy, minimally piquant finish with a delicate almond aftertaste.

Beyond its taste, Venta del Barón olive oil is a visual and tactile delight. Presented in a tastefully designed bottle, it becomes an elegant addition to any kitchen or dining setting. The accompanying chic, gray gift box enhances its appeal as a thoughtful and luxurious gift for food enthusiasts or as a special treat for oneself.

Perfect for a variety of culinary applications, from drizzling over a rustic breakfast of farmhouse bread to adding a refined touch to salads, grilled vegetables, meats, and fish, Venta del Barón is more than just an olive oil. It’s an embodiment of culinary luxury, bringing a piece of Andalusian sun and tradition to every dish it graces.