Garcia de la Cruz “Master Miller” Organic EVOO Price: $14.95 (as of 24/11/2023 18:18 PST- Details)

Garcia de la Cruz Master Miller EVOO is a premium, organic extra virgin olive oil. Its unique blend of almond, fresh grass, kiwi, and apple tones offers a dense, enduring body with balanced bitter and spicy notes. This award-winning olive oil, crafted from single-origin olives on a sustainable family farm in La Mancha, Spain, boasts a full flavor with natural lemon and tomato essences and a peppery bite.

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Garcia de la Cruz Master Miller EVOO, a testament to organic farming and traditional craftsmanship, offers an exceptional culinary experience. Cultivated from olive trees free of fertilizers and chemical pesticides, this extra virgin olive oil preserves all its natural vitamins and organoleptic properties. Its intense fruitiness gives this oil a distinctive character.

The tasting note of this oil reveals a complex palette of almond, fresh grass, kiwi, and apple tones, combined with a dense and enduring body. The oil is characterized by medium-high values of bitter and spicy notes, creating a harmonious balance in flavor. This full-bodied Spanish olive oil is enriched with natural flavors of lemon and tomato, culminating in a peppery bite, making it one of Spain’s finest organic olive oils.

Beyond its rich flavor, Garcia de la Cruz is a symbol of sustainability and heritage. Certified organic, this olive oil is cold-pressed from single-origin olives grown on a family farm that doubles as a national bird sanctuary. The olive groves, part of a fifth-generation family legacy, reflect a deep commitment to environmental stewardship. The olive pits are repurposed as fuel, embodying a cycle of sustainability.

The purity of Garcia de la Cruz EVOO is unmatched. Unlike other olive oils, it contains only olive juice, ensuring the highest quality and health benefits. The olives are cold-pressed, a process that retains all the nutritious goodness of the olives.

Garcia de la Cruz has earned numerous accolades, including gold and silver medals from prestigious international olive oil competitions. These awards are a testament to the brand’s dedication to excellence.

Since 1872, Garcia de la Cruz has been more than just an olive oil producer; it’s a family legacy. The fifth generation upholds the spirit of founder Adelaida Fernandez-Cuellar, maintaining an unwavering commitment to caring for the earth and perfecting the art of olive oil production. The Garcia de la Cruz Master Miller EVOO is not just an olive oil; it’s a reflection of a 150-year journey of passion, quality, and respect for nature.