Oleum Viride Extra Virgin Olive Oil (500ml)

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Sourced from traditional mountain olive groves in a Spanish Natural Park, this organic oil is a product of small-scale, family-owned production. Unfiltered to retain all its natural flavors, this oil features a distinctive fruity aroma, primarily derived from Manzanilla and Lechin olives. Ideal for those seeking an authentic, concentrated olive oil experience.

Oleum Viride represents the pinnacle of organic, traditional olive oil production in the picturesque landscapes of Andalusia, Spain. Nestled within a Natural Park, the olive trees thrive in mountainous areas, growing without artificial irrigation and in harmony with the environment. This method not only contributes to the unique flavor profile of the oil but also aids in sustaining rural communities and preserving nature.

The family-owned nature of the company ensures a personal touch in every aspect of production. The small-scale approach allows for meticulous selection of olives, guaranteeing that only the finest quality goes into each bottle. The result is a green, unfiltered extra virgin olive oil, teeming with the natural essence and organoleptic qualities of the Manzanilla and Lechin olive varieties.

Oleum Viride’s commitment to tradition extends to their harvesting and production techniques, ensuring that each batch of olive oil is a true representation of their family’s dedication to quality and the rich heritage of Andalusian olive oil making. This olive oil is more than just a cooking ingredient; it’s a taste of the Andalusian countryside, bringing the essence of its traditional olive groves to kitchens worldwide.